Landscaping Design Ideas


How to Choose and Plant Perennials

You may feel dis-satisfied at the plain look of your vegetable garden if you have been growing it for quite sometime. My vegetable garden did not wear a look I expected after I decided to start my career in gardening and when my friend explained to me about the liveliness a flower garden would give […]

Different Elements in the Creation of a Garden

Once you have chosen what kind of garden you are going to have, where exactly and the fertilizer required for it, then you start thinking about the garden surroundings. The barriers that will separate the garden are to be chosen first. Secondly you will plan the adornments and hold required for the plants which are […]

Container Gardening Points for Starters

To create a natural look and feeling in you rooftop or balcony you can go for a Container Gardening. The look of a terrace or floor can be stressed with the colorful look of the yearly flowering potted plants, or by planting a lovely shrub of rose plant or any small perennial plant on you […]

Add a Fountain – Make Your Garden Perfect

To make your garden look more interesting you can add a water attraction to it which makes it look comforting and interestingly artistic too. It is a pleasure to rest and in a bench in the garden and listen to the fountain, reading or studying a book. It is an easy task to arrange a […]

Use of Rain Barrels to Withstand Droughts

If your garden receives an uninterrupted supply of water then you are the luckiest as there are a number of us who dwell in drought affected areas where there is restriction to use water for the normal growth of the plants in the garden. There are many who drop the idea due to the shortage […]

How to Choose an Appropriate Area for Your Garden

The main factor to be considered while you plan what to grow in your garden is choosing an appropriate area where you can work with the gardening tools. There are lots of points to be kept in mind like the area chosen, how you plan to water them, the required amount of shade it needs […]

How to Advertise Your Gardening Website

If you are planning to open a website on gardening online, it could sometimes lay a small problem to you, but you have to undergo it. There could be a hundred or even thousand websites about gardening on the internet in a click. So, your website may be one among the thousand which people may […]

How the Flower Garden Should be Taken Care Of

It is necessary to know how the flower garden should be taken care of and this is obvious in the healthy look of the plants. These basic tips can make your garden wear a healthy look with blooming flowers.

Consider the most necessary factors

The basic requirements like sufficient water supply, sunlight and fertile soil is a […]

How Kids are Benefited by Gardening

It is quite obvious that people do not take care of the environmental issues these days. Something has to be done about this and the best is to start educating children about the values of environmental friendly process and involve them in the activities of gardening. Now let us see how important is gardening for […]

Gardening Gifts that Suit All Occasions

Receiving a gift given with warmth from loved ones is really a great feeling. If your dear ones has a love for gardening then there is nothing more than giving them something which they will really appreciate to show your consideration.

Gardeners will be delighted if they are presented with gifts like gloves, kneepads, a shady […]